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  • How much does a session cost?
    $222 per session (either coaching or energy healing). Email subscribers receive access to schedule their first session for $144.
  • How long is a session?
    Sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes. If your session feels complete, it is possible to end sooner than an hour. It is also possible to take a bit more time if needed. I recommend giving yourself at least 15 minutes before and after your session to allow yourself to be present and fully receive all that is available to you.
  • I've never received energy healing before. What should I expect?
    Expect an energetic reset. With the help of your energetic team, we will remove any dense, stale/stuck energy, balance your energy centers, and get energy flowing through your body. I will be off camera as I send the energy. It is recommended that you completely relax (lay down if possible). It is normal to feel sensations (hot, cold, tingling, muscle twitch, stomach growl, etc) or see colors or pictures in your minds eye (like a dream). It is also normal to not feel a thing. Each experience is different and will be what you most need at the time.
  • Can you tell me more about the energy healing modalities you use?
    Yes! Holy Fire New Earth Reiki is a new frequency (2020 with an update in 2023) that works to support you in whatever way will serve your highest good. It is connected to Christ Consciousness. I was attuned by Purnima (Inner Journey Reiki) who downloaded this higher frequency of Reiki. My love for and connection to Jesus guided me to this modality. I find deep peace and am connected to my most authentic self when channeling this frequency. Ahai is not reiki. It is connected to the angelic realm, the frequency of miracles, and the divine feminine. It is both activating (ANYTHING is possible!) and deeply comforting (the most intimate mom vibes). I was attuned by Christina Rice who downloaded this modality in 2020 with the guidance that it is greatly needed at this time. Ahai has taught me to ask for what I want and need and expect solutions as well as how to intuitively receive divine guidance.
  • What kinds of intentions can I bring for healing?
    Literally anything! Anything you would pray for or wish to manifest can be an intention for healing. Your intention could be to get more sleep, physical healing, repair a relationship, get clarity on a situation, deepen your self love and trust, gain confidence, get a better job, make more money, find your life partner, etc. You may bring more than one intention, but any more than a few should be saved for future sessions. Please note, your healing intention must be for yourself. It is okay if you prefer to not specify an intention. You will receive whatever is in the highest alignment for you at the time of your session.
  • How is a coaching session different from an energy healing session?
    During a coaching session, you will have the entire hour to explore any issues you’d like to resolve or goals you’d like to achieve. I will hold space for you and guide you to receive clarity on what you want and how you’d like to move forward regarding whatever you present. This hour is largely directed by you. Results will depend on your readiness to move forward in the way you desire. An energy healing session is designed for you to receive healing. All that’s required is that you show up and are willing to receive. I work only with high dimensional frequencies of love, light, truth, and compassion that will aid in removing low density energy and assist in your healing. It is recommended that you are in a place you can fully relax (lay down if you prefer) to fully receive. The energy portion will be facilitated off camera.
  • How is coaching different from therapy?
    To me, I go to a therapist to look backward. “What happened? How did I get here? How am I going to be ok?” This is a very helpful process in the healing journey. If you are dealing with trauma or overwhelming circumstances, therapy may be a great place to start. My coaching sessions are not designed to delve into the past. Instead, they start with the belief “wherever you are is perfect”. Your life circumstances (both good and bad) have led you to this moment. You now have the opportunity to take an honest look at what is and decide what you will do about it. This requires taking responsibility for your life and trusting that you are more than capable of creating the most beautiful, fulfilling story for yourself.
  • Should I start with coaching or energy healing?
    If you're interested in both here's a few things to consider: A coaching session will most benefit those who are ready to look truthfully at their situation, accept what is, and take responsibility to make desired changes in their lives. I offer a safe container to explore solutions and a non-judgemental sounding board to get clarity on what you desire. If you need more time to talk through things, this may be the place to start. An energy healing session can benefit ANYONE wanting to receive support in letting go of what no longer serves them and align to their highest good. If you need help getting to a place where you can tackle what's next, an energy healing session may be just the thing to clear the path to a little more clarity. There will be some time for discussion during an energy healing session to support you on your journey. If you'd like both, consider starting with an energy healing session. This will clear your energy for a productive coaching session. It may also be helpful to process the healing session after you've had a chance to integrate the energy.
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